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Small Businesses Need To Exercise Caution When Taking Advantage of Fads
Currently there is no bigger trend and fad than healthy living --- particularly diet and food. Taking advantage of this trend to add sales is needs planning as well as quick response.

Small Businesses Adding Staff and Resources As Sales Profits Increase
While the rest of the economy is stagnant small businesses are continuing to hire. By a two-to-one margin, managers in recent polls say they are adding to staff and plan to continue to do so through the rest of the year.

Seven Ways To Keeping Good Employees And Improving Profits
Pundits predict that 2005 will be a year of increased job changing as pent-up fears over the economy and election uncertainties abate. Many smaller firms will be hit with defections as employees hunt for better situations in terms of salaries, benefits and work environment.

Customer Service Is Key for Small Businesses Competing with Chain Stores
Small business managers should learn from their neighborhood druggist. In the face of widespread assault from chains, druggists not only have held their own, they enjoy a rare place in America.

2004 Sales and Profits For Small Businesses Look Better.
Even at the beginning of this year's final quarter, many small business owners and managers are anticipating greater company profits for 2004 as against last year's results.

Now Is The Time For Small Firms To Invest In Marketing, Online Activities
Small companies can take a leaf from such online merchants as 1-800-FLOWERS in developing added sales dollars both in-store and online.

How to Raise Employee Morale in Small Businesses
A legendary ski resort seeking to return to glory is relying on improved customer service to spearhead its rebirth.

Organization of a Firm Committed to Total Selling Paying Profits
Customer service tends to be one of the strongest aspects of a small business. Often the key to good service is asking the right questions and hearing what the buyer wants and needs.

Storing Up Cash Reserves for Small Businesses
Now is the time for small business and single-person proprietorships to lock in long-term money.

Employers Can Better Educate Employees with More Relaxed Rules
More and more companies are providing personal retirement accounts and health savings accounts that allows for greater employee control and responsibility. At the same time, they are being allowed to provide additional education tools to help employees better manage these accounts.

Letters Add a Personal Touch in Business Dealings
Words have power and the written word is still a powerful tool for small businesses. Whether using a postcard, a letter, or a direct mail package, written communications have an impact beyond the initial contact.

New York City Spa Uses Interesting Guerrilla Marketing Tactic
Club Industry Newsbeat, a Primedia offering reports that the New York Health & Racquet Club is attempting to go where guerrilla marketing has never gone before.

Communications To Employees and Audiences Requires Care
Small firm managers encounter an internal audience daily and large outside listeners infrequently. Many of the rules that apply to public speaking apply likewise to handling employees.

Focus On Your Customers, To Increase Your Profits
Good customer service doesn’t have easy rules. Rather, it is imperative to focus on the details and make sure your best customers get superior attention. They can power your profits to new highs.

Five Key Factors For Small Business Success
In a recent survey, African-American small business owners reported five consistent factors responsible for their overall success. Not surprisingly, the responses differed significantly from the general population. Despite the differences, most business owners could easily agree with many of their insights.

Strategies To Insure Business Prosperity
A diligent, perspective new owner or manager seeking to determine what are key first year strategies to insure a fifth year anniversary will receive hundreds of suggestions.

Family Businesses Fail Second Generation Members
Generational and other issues can strain even the tightest families. Couple these challenges with trying to run a small firm and the results are often catastrophic.

Employee Recognition Crucial In Small Business Success
It is an unfortunate fact of small business that many owners neglect recognition of their employees. This situation often exists in companies still dominated by the original owner of the son of the founder.

Employee Buy-in Achieving Spectacular Business Results
Small and medium size businesses need to do a more effective job of providing reasons for employees to perform better if they want to achieve significant profit goals.

Strategies For Keeping Good Employees
Just as there are two sides to any story, there are two sides to the issue of employee movement – the employer’s and the employees.

Choosing The Right Business Name Can Be Key To Success
Choosing a name for any new business is both important and difficult.

Bank Credit Cards Can Be Dangerous Financing Method For Small Businesses
Using credit cards to improve cashflow and/or finance their small business is a time-honored tradition amongst managers and owners. Stories abound of successful entrepreneurs maxing out their cards to reach a profitable plateau.

Lead Generation Via Online Methods To Soar In 2004
In 2004 the use of the Internet to generate small business leads will skyrocket. While large corporations have embraced the Internet for lead generation, small businesses are just now catching on to the efficiencies provided by online marketing.