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17 Mistakes Buyers and Sellers Make
Top 17 mistakes made by business buyers and sellers.

A Guide for Business Buyers and Sellers
The best guide to buying and/or selling a business is not merely words on paper — it is the presence of a competent business broker.

Do's and Don'ts to Selling your Business
A simple checklist when selling your business.

Successful Tips to Selling Your Business
When you make the decision to sell, start to prepare your business for the new owner.

How to Successfully Sell a Business
KR's professionals will educate and assist you at every step of the process in selling your small business confidentially.

KR’s Transaction Process - 20 Steps to a Successful Sale
Your KR Associate meets with you to explain how businesses are sold, how KR can help you get the maximum value for your business, and answer your questions.

Informative Tips For Business Sellers
Those business owners who decide to take advantage of a favorable market should act quickly to launch the selling process.

Questions and Answers for the Business Seller
Selling your business is a major decision. You have devoted your time, money, and energy to building, running and operating your business.

Selling Your Business? Follow The Ten Rules To Avoid Spoiling The Deal.
Place a realistic price on your business. Since an inflated figure either turns off or slows down potential buyers, rely on your business broker to help you arrive at the most appropriate "win-win" price.

Simple Things That Affect a Business' Value
Business owners rarely sell too soon but often wait too long. Most businesses are not sold! They just diminish or are given away.

The Time To Sell Could Be Now
A survey of business activity nationwide shows that many sellers are taking advantage of the window of opportunity offered by today's favorable marketplace.

How Do You Determine the Value of a Business?
Why do most business owners want to know about the value of their business?