Brokerage Information

  • KR Business Brokers of Seattle, Washington was established in 1984. Now decades later and located in Greater Puget Sound and serving all of Washington State, KR Business Brokers has helped thousands of business buyers and sellers achieve and realize their dreams. Freedom, independence, and financial security are no longer a dream for hundreds of our clients. They are a reality!
  • KR Business Brokers works with buyers and sellers from all over the world – Asia, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Russia and Latin countries. We are in the business of helping business people.
  • We understand the needs and concerns of different cultures and we address them in a helpful, respectful and professional manner.
  • Each culture and nationality has different views and characteristics in buying, owning, and selling their businesses. We understand those differences and adapt our skills and expertise to accommodate our clients’ goals and visions.
  • Most of our business brokers have owned numerous businesses from small cafes and restaurants to a large paramedical company. We understand the anxiety in buying or selling a business. We have been there.

A Wise Choice

  • From our trials, mistakes, and successes, we have developed a very successful system of business people helping business people.
  • Historically, small business owners have not been able to obtain affordable, professional, skillful representation when preparing, marketing and selling their most valuable asset — their business. Over many years, KR Business Brokers has revolutionized the business brokerage industry by providing small business owners with the ability to choose a full-service package or select specific functions from our unique menu of services.
  • We are committed to providing services and products of the highest quality. We take pride on being responsive to the needs and demands of today’s small business owner. We realize some business owners simply cannot afford, nor do they need every service that a “traditional” business broker offers. We have set the standard for the business brokerage industry by offering the most comprehensive and affordable package of services available to both sellers and buyers.

The Choice is Yours.

Questions you should be asking about your business broker:

Does your business brokerage…

  • Enjoy more than 100 cumulative years of successful business and financial intermediary experience?
  • Specialize exclusively in small to midsize businesses?
  • Employed full-time, qualified, business brokerage professionals?
  • Offer “selective” choices from a menu of services to meet your specific needs?
  • Have a process and system in place to protect your confidentiality
  • Provide a dedicated staff specializing in business finance and valuation services?
  • Listen to you and are they truly “results” oriented?
  • Ranked as the number one small independent business brokerage operation in Washington State?

If you have answered no to one or more of these questions your choice becomes clear with KR Business Brokers you can answer yes to every question.

Why settle for less when you can choose what’s best for your business transition and future?