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Born and raised in the Norwegian-charmed small town of Poulsbo, WA. Hayley spent most her alone time as young as 3 years old, singing away in the living room, – for hours on end. By 8 years old she had voice and piano lessons weekly. She spent countless hours devoted to them both. In junior high she was a part of the CMC youth group worship team on Tuesday nights. She also sang the National Anthem at the pep assemblies at North Kitsap Junior High and High School.

Hayley graduated high school 2 years early, via home-schooling. Edmonds Community College came next as Edmonds had the best music program around. She studied audio engineering, music theory and the college basics she couldn’t elect out of. Years later, the vision of running business became a deep fascination and lifelong pursuit. She educated herself with a Business Degree from the University of Washington, – 2010. She’s been entrepreneurial in her career intentions ever since.

Upon graduating from the UW, Hayley has gained the experience in direct sales, selling the intangible. The concept, design and functionality of a website and all its marketing counter parts that are a part of the plan. Selling the abstract is a comfortable/familiar skill she took years to develop.

Business consulting came to be a natural progression to the by-product of direct sales consulting. After she found herself being asked for business advice beyond the current scope of her Buzzability offerings. She expanded business consulting and copywriting to her portfolio of services. Buzzability consulting services aimed at a holistic approach of how to make the company buzz with their intended company culture.

In the last few years, she took a break from the role of sales and consulting to enjoy learning the landscape of Seattle as a Lyft Driver. The goal of meeting new people, listening to audible books, and learning Seattle like the back of her hand with over 8,000 rides to her name, – done. Refreshed and equip with greater insight she feels ready to server her favorite market again, – business owners.

Hayley, now a part of the KR Brokers team is ready and positioned to serve business owners who are ready to sell their business and help assist the new entrepreneurs of tomorrow who want to buy a business.